Wednesday, December 28, 2016
G-Shock GG1000 - Casio

The Casio G-Shock GG1000 watch is built to prevent intrusion by sand, mud, or dust and to ensure reliable operation in the harshest environments.

CopBox Cabinet - CTech

CTech’s CopBox Cabinet is designed to offer a tactical storage solution for the next generation police vehicle.

OWB & IWB Holster - DeSantis

DeSantis's ambidextrous Outback is both an OWB and IWB holster. Two sizes fit all.

DVM-800 HD - Digital Ally

The new DVM-800 HD is designed to bring the clarity of high definition video recording to your vehicle.

Rapid Access Weapon Lockers - Estes AWS

Protect your law enforcement officers and the community with Rapid Access Weapon Lockers.

Canyon Digital Compass Watch - First Tactical

First Tactical’s Canyon Digital Compass Watch is here.

G43 - Glock

The G43 is made to be ultra-concealable, accurate, and comfortable for all shooters.

'B'-KIT Door & Window Insert Armor Package - Hardwire

Custom-designed armor kit that covers the window and existing police car door

StrongArm Tool - Hurst Jaws of Life

The StrongArm from Hurst Jaws of Life provides portable hydraulic power to use anywhere you deem necessary.

Milo Range Training Systems - MILO Range

Milo Range Training Systems continues to be an industry leader in interactive simulation training for law enforcement, military, and government agencies worldwide.

Refurbished AN/PVS-30 Clip-on Night Vision Weapon Sights - Night Vision Depot

Refurbished AN/PVS-30 Clip-on Night vision Weapon sights are now available.

Axon Body 2 - TASER

Axon Body 2 lets you capture video in HD without distractions and receives upgrades every 30 days.

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