Friday, March 21, 2014
TT Type - Officer Patrol - Argus Thermal Imaging/e2v Technologies

The TT Type is a full-spec thermal imaging camera designed for security and law enforcement personnel.

Force on Force 5.56mm Marker Rounds - ATK

Through advanced engineering, highly-technical manufacturing processes and stringent testing practices, Force on Force offers non-lethal training rounds in 5.56mm.

Ballistic Crosshair - Oakley

Oakley SI has applied its extensive engineering and advanced technologies learned from working with the U.S. Armed Services to create the world’s first ballistic wire frame glasses.

XCAT Narcotics/Explosives/GSR Detection System - RedXDefense

Clear unattended bags. Sample suspects at the scene for GSR. Test trace samples of narcotics. All with one system.

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