Friday, November 30, 2018
TASER 7 - Axon

Axon designed its new TASER 7 to be the most effective CEW ever.

Slim-Tuk by DeSantis Holster - DeSantis Holster

The Slim-Tuk by DeSantis Holster is a minimal ambidextrous IWB Kydex holster with tuckable 360 C-Clip for unlimited mounting options.

Men's 7" Operator Boot - First Tactical

First Tactical's Operator Boots: lightweight and breathable while maintaining the high level of durability needed for special operations

APB360 - GunTrac LLC

Record a qualification in real time at the range and more, without paper.

Hardwire's Vehicle Armor - Hardwire LLC

Hardwire's Vehicle Armor products are a smart and affordable way to add ballistic protection.

StrongArm - Hurst Jaws of Life

StrongArm from Hurst Jaws of Life is a portable hydraulic power tool made to cut, lift, and spread, replacing many single-purpose hand tools for law enforcement.

Patrol Craft - Lake Assault Boats LLC

Lake Assault Boats placed this 34-foot modified V-hull patrol vessel on duty with Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources.

SOB II - Point Blank Enterprises

The SOB II is an evolution of the collapsible defense system pioneered by Special Ops Bunker.

Avatar - Robotex Inc.

Robotex worked closely with end users to develop an affordable, durable tactical robot that realistically fits their needs.

Ultra-Light and Low-Profile TLR-7 - Streamlight

Streamlight's new TLR-7 is an extremely lightweight rail-mounted tactical light, delivering 500 lumens and running on a single CR123A lithium battery.

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